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Dyslexia Helplines

Each Workshop Administrator / Senior Tutor operates a regional helpline. Contact them:

  • with queries about dyslexia
  • with concerns about literacy, mathematics or school progress
  • to register interest in attending a Workshop for tuition in Literacy, Maths or Study Skills
  • if your child is already attending a Workshop and you need to discuss this. (Of course, you are welcome to meet in person at the Workshop, but it might help to make contact first.)

If you leave a message PLEASE include your address, phone number, ages of children involved or if the query is in respect of an adult so that we can best tailor our reply to meet your needs.

Our helplines are run by volunteers who have other responsibilities: please be understanding if calls are sometimes not answered or if responses are delayed.

North Worcestershire Dyslexia Helpline

Bromsgrove Workshop – Sally Arblaster


Tel: 07592 969029

South Worcestershire Dyslexia Helpline

Worcester Workshop – Margaret Comerford


Tel: 07768 895269

Herefordshire Dyslexia Helpline

Hereford Workshop – Bev Drinkwater


Tel: 07521 248117

Parents Support Groups

Worcester Parents Support Group


Bromsgrove Parents Support Group


General / HWDA matters

Unfortunately, due to a lack of personnel able to respond to general queries, we are unable to invite contacts to a central point. Instead, we ask contact to be made to the above Workshop in Bromsgrove, Hereford or Worcester that is closest to you. Please give your contact email, contact telephone number, age of children involved or if the query is in respect of an adult, along with your enquiry.

You might contact us about:-

  • general information needed
  • questions about membership of the Association
  • making a donation to support the Association
  • more specific functions of the Association

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