Why I’m glad that I’m dyslexic

Pupils told us why being dyslexic can be good



it gives you more to prove


it has enhanced my SPACIAL AWARENESS


to get where I am has TAKEN MORE WORK than others. I am proud of my achievements


it enables me to THINK IN A DIFFERENT WAY


it has given me the CONFIDENCE to go ahead and follow my dreams


it puts me in good company, like Einstein, which can’t be a bad thing!


got to use a laptop in school exams


it takes the pressure off being a dizzy blonde!


I SEE THINGS IN A DIFFERENT WAY, enabling me to produce solutions to problems that no one else could see.


It has given me the opportunity to develop myself as an individual and show my workmates my abilities and vision


It made me CONCENTRATE more and made me more FOCUSED. I found comfort in the fact that Einstein was dyslexic


It gave me more DETERMINATION