What helped me survive school

Pupils were asked for one thing that made a big difference to help them survive school

Not letting anything get me down, always think positive.


Knowing that my difficulties were caused by a specific problem and not because I was stupid.


Having a friend who was organised, he told me where I had to be and when I had to be there.


My Workshop tutor who was tough on me but gave me hope and taught me to do so much. She was one person (plus my mum) who really did not give up on me.


Extra lessons, extra support.


Asking for help and plenty of netball!


A set of parents who could make me believe I was bright and did have some skills. A set of dyslexia teachers who did the same.


My sport.


If you work hard, even your weaknesses can become your strengths.


The help that was supplied by support teachers.


My family for support and encouragement.


Having support and knowing you are not alone.


If you ever feel stuck, just look at what you have accomplished in the past. It has taken twice as much work for you to get where you are so be proud of yourself.


The Workshop tutors. Realising I was not on my own and other people had the same difficulties. Making some good friends.


A good sense of humour.


Remembering that reading and writing is only one part of life and that team work and communication is another means of achieving the same goal.


Family support and help from a teacher at the Workshop.


Playing rugby – for school and county teams.