Workshop weather closures?

In winter months it is possible that a Workshop may need to close for safety concerns due to snow or ice. If there is a risk of closure, please check before sending your child to the Workshop.  We will do our best to keep the following details up-to-date.

Latest news – Last updated on 8 December 2017 at 09:30

  • Worcester Workshop – OPEN
  • Hereford Workshop – OPEN
  • Bromsgrove Workshop – CLOSED

BROMSGROVE WORKSHOP IS CLOSED ON FRIDAY 8th DECEMBER due to dangerous conditions around the Wendron Centre where there have already been some accidents. Even though most Bromsgrove schools remain open at present, we are advised that conditions will worsen before this evening.

The Bromsgrove Workshop Christmas Event will now be held on Friday 5th January when we will hold a “Forget those January Blues Party” so please hold on to your Gift Bag Surprises and refreshments (hope there is some room in your freezer) and bring them along then!

HWDA apologises for this inconvenience to parents and pupils. Next term’s tuition fees will be adjusted to account for this missed session.