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Christmas Event at Bromsgrove Workshop

On Friday 13th December, Bromsgrove workshop are hosting a Christmas event from

5.30pm – 7.00pm

Try your luck with a raffle ticket in order  to win a  bag of goodies.

Enjoy a mince pie and a drink.

Design your own Christmas decoration.




What’s been happening at Bromsgrove Specialist Tuition Centre (‘Bromsgrove Workshop’)?

Bromsgrove workshop employs 10  tutors who give personalised  tuition to children.

The children are initially assessed  on their reading and spelling skills upon entry to the workshop.

They are then matched with a partner.  The tutor will remain with them as long as needed and   provide them  with a personalised literacy or maths programme every week.

Here are some photos of children with their tutors and partners enjoying their lessons and having fun!


We also provide study skills lessons from Years  10 -11 weekly as well. There are groups of up to 4 children with a study skills tutor, who receive targeted support with skills required for GCSE.

We don’t only teach literacy, maths and study skills at Bromsgrove Workshop. We are fortunate that one of our super, experienced tutors also specialises in developmental therapy.

Here are some photos of our pupils enjoying themselves doing exercises from Easie 1, Exercise & Sound in Education & Move to Learn,  by Brenda Lloyd (Developmental Practitioners Association.)


‘This helps with me with my swimming.’               ‘I am getting much better at handwriting.’

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