Free resources that you might find useful for helping your child at home and if your school is closed

Here are some ideas and free or low-cost resources that we have become aware of.

Please note HWDA is not responsible for the accuracy of these details and does not endorse any of the resources listed. The duration of any offer to use these resources will vary and HWDA cannot guarantee their availability. Please check with the publisher for current pricing.

Please email with any corrections or suggestions for additions to this list – thank you.

Keeping in touch

Maintaining contact when we can’t visit family and friends will be important to aid mental health, provide a sense of normality and can be a source of fun! Pupils at home may really appreciate video calls with their school mates and family.

There are many free apps and web-based programs available to make video calls. Most, if not all, of these can handle video conversations with just one other caller or a group of callers at the same time.

All you need is a smart phone, tablet or computer with webcam and, in most cases, internet access (although some calls can be made over the mobile phone network).

If you’re not sure how to use these, their support pages on the web show how easy they are. Quite often all users need to be using the same program so some co-ordination beforehand will be necessary.

Examples are FaceTime (Apple / iOS only), Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, Google Hangouts (for Gmail users), Facebook Video Chat (needs Facebook Messenger), Houseparty and many more.

Safeguarding – Obviously take the usual precautions to ensure your children are only contacting known family and friends.

Health, fitness and exercise

There are lots of online resources to help keep everyone fit, and kids might find some of these great fun!

BodyCoach TV shows Joe Wicks’ exercise videos on YouTube are proving enormously popular with kids and parents alike.  Search YouTube for “P.E with Joe”

Health For Kids offers advice to parents, including how to explain coronavirus to children, as well as information for kids on health and fitness and exercise videos.

NHS Fitness Studio Exercise videos –

A selection of Educational Resources

British Dyslexia Association (“BDA”) free webinars for parents

BDA have recently announced a new series of free webinars for parents supporting children with dyslexia.

See details here.

Tynker – offers coding lesson for kids, and if there is a Minecraft fan at home, they claim that Tynker makes it easy and fun to create Minecraft mods, add-ons, texture packs, and more.  Sign up as a parent at this address.

BBC Bitesize offers lots of resources that are clearly divided into subject and age categories, and the broadcaster updates content frequently.  Visit

YouTube’s Free School offers a range of videos looking at subjects as diverse as the US constitution, coral reefs and the solar system. Visit

Ted-Ed – The organisation behind the Ted talks has a division called TED-Ed, full of “lessons worth sharing” from teachers around the globe. Information for parents is at this address