*** 2017 Annual General Meeting 14th June 2017

Hereford and Worcester Dyslexia Association

Notice of 2017 Annual General Meeting

On Wednesday 14th June 2017, at 7:00pm – 7:30pm

All members of HWDA are invited to attend our AGM

At Perdiswell Young People’s Centre, Perdiswell Park, Droitwich Road, Worcester WR5 7SN

The AGM will be followed immediately by a talk by Lorraine Peterson OBE on the current impact of SEND reforms – see here for more details of Lorraine’s talk.

It would really help the administration of the AGM (and help us ensure that we will have a valid quorum) if we know how many Members intend to attend. Therefore, please register your intention to attend Lorraine’s talk and the AGM, register on Eventbrite by going to Goo.gl/0QMjci (NB – That is a zero after the ‘/’ in the code, not a letter) – or search for ‘HWDA AGM’ at www.eventbrite.co.uk

AGM Agenda:

  • To receive reports from the Committee and Trustees.
  • To receive and approve the Accounts for the year ended 31 August 2016.
  • To appoint Officers & elect Committee members who have expressed their willingness to serve.
  • AOB

Members are invited to volunteer to stand for the Committee, or to express their willingness to help generally. We always need and welcome enthusiastic people who want to help us raise funds, assist with events, or in any other way, major or minor, whether as Committee members, or unofficially.

If you are interested, please email hwda.AGM@gmail.com or speak to one of the committee at the AGM.

Hon. President, Hon. Vice-President, Officers and Committee Members

The following is a list of people serving HWDA in the positions shown. It also shows where these people have expressed their willingness to continue, or their wish to step down, causing a vacancy. The list will be updated up to the AGM, when the persons willing to continue and to join will be voted on by the Members attending.

Most recent update – 30 May 2017

Position Currently in position Vote due in Willing to continue?
Hon. President Alice Hubbard 2017 Yes
Hon. Vice-President Victoria Crivelli 2018 Yes (3-year)
Chair Carolyn Pike 2017 Yes
Secretary vacant
Treasurer Geoff Adey 2017 Yes
Bromsgrove Workshop
Tutor Representative Veronica Grindley 2017 Yes
Tutor Representative Margaret Tyas 2017 Yes
Parent Representative Lisa Wakelam 2017 unconfirmed
Hereford Workshop
Tutor Representative vacant
Parent Representative vacant
Worcester Workshop
Tutor Representative Denise Lythe 2017 Yes
Tutor Representative Sue Morris 2017 unconfirmed
Parent Representative Tanya Kirk 2017 Yes
Befriender vacant
Minutes secretary vacant
Newsletter New volunteer  – see below
Parent Group Rep Frances Browne 2017 Yes
Committee Members
Kathryn O’Donoghue 2017 unconfirmed
Pauline Thomas 2017 unconfirmed
Louise Tellam 2017 Yes

New volunteers to join Committee

Linda Adey (Retiring Bromsgrove Senior Tutor)
Newsletter Hannah Maloney

Other positions (not Committee, therefore not subject to vote)

Workshop Senior Tutors (In accordance with the Constitution, Senior Tutors attend Committee meetings but are not voting members of the Committee.)
    Bromsgrove Jane Hateley (appointed Summer 2017)
    Hereford (joint) Moyra Hoon
    Hereford (joint) Bev Drinkwater
    Worcester Margaret Comerford
Web Manager Geoff Adey